Uniswap Launches Its First Platform Coin — LBP of LongBit

2022-09-28 区块链达人

On July 28, LBP, LongBit’splatform coin, was officially launched on Uniswap, becoming itsfirst platform coin. On the same day, LongBit announced its launch of DeFi Trading Zone for comprehensive support of DeFi ecological development, meeting users trading needs for hot projects and providing abetter investment experience.

Uniswap is a DEX platform fully deployed in Ethereum chain, and the largest decentralized exchange in the world. Based on the model of "constant product automated market making" (reserve pool mode, chain matching, chain clearing), Uniswap promotes automatic exchange transactions between ETH and ERC20 token digital assets. Uniswapis called "a bull market’s engine", as its trading design significantly improvescurrencyliquidity and the convenience of trading.

Uniswap excels at exploiting high-potential projects; it has not only launched such star projects as UMA and BZRX, but also boosted the rise of Tokenpocket’s TPT, which rose sixfold within just twodays after its launch on the platform in 2018. Uniswap selectingLBP as its first platform coin is likewisebased on LBP’s greatpotential and issuing platformstrength.

LongBit is known for its "Customer First" concept, its insight into assets, and its sophisticated aggre


trading. It has a highreputation among users and has spawnedmany hot projects such as Lucy, Lucky, and RVC. LongBit ever aimsto build a safe, stable, transparent and fair global digital assets trading platform to provide global customers with digital currencytrading services with higher liquidity, performance, and convenience, providing investment bank consultancy services throughout the entire project chain.

LBP, a global ecological credit issued by LongBit, is a basic LBChain public blockchain currency. It was issued on GXChain before going public on the mainnet. Itstotal circulation was 1 billion, which had witnessed a rise of 64% within just six days,featuring a top-ratedeflation mechanism and application scenario design. Among quarterly ecological profits, 20% will be used for LBP buy-back and burn until the aggre


amount reaches 500 million.

LBP currently plays an important role in LongBit s global ecology—in functional rights, ecological scenarios, and payment services, to name a few areas. It is widely applied toLBChain mainnet fuel payments, network transfer fees, as ecological trading zonepricing digital currency, and as the only vote-counting Token for IEO projects.


It is predicted that LBP will usher in new growth and witness appreciation followingits Uniswap launch.